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Welcome to the Healthcare HR Source Survey Portal

The development, administration, analysis and reporting of this portal is a collaborative effort between the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC), FutureSense, Inc. and Readex Research. The Healthcare HR Source Survey Portal serves the member hospitals of the Hospital Association of Southern California, California Hospital Association (CHA), Hospital Council of Northern & Central California (HCNCC) and Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties, under the umbrella name of Allied for Health (AFH). As an association member, you will be able to submit data and check participation status through this portal for the following surveys: Hot Jobs, Executive Compensation, Management Compensation, Non-Management Compensation, Employee Benefits and HR Metrics.

Confidentiality of Data

The various survey results follow the guidelines issued by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. These guidelines, which attempt to assure that the surveys will not be used with anti-competitive intent, provide the basis for our data sufficiency determination. Based on these guidelines, we:

  • Do not provide projections of expected future range movement.
  • Refrain from displaying any range data breakout that consists of less than five facilities.
  • Do not display any incumbent data breakout for which a disproportionate percentage of the underlying incumbent data comes from one facility.
  • Do not display any data from any individual organization so that all data remain confidential.
  • Do not report data less than three months old.

Important Notice

Nothing in the surveys constitutes legal advice and Allied for Health sponsors and project managers assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the outcome of decisions, contracts, commitments, or other obligations or outcomes made on the basis of these surveys. Allied for Health sponsors and project managers also assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this survey by anyone, including survey participants or other parties or individuals who obtain information from this survey. Any analysis should be considered more in terms of trends and general direction, rather than absolute reliance on exact amounts given that the data can represent a slightly different sample of hospitals each year.

Distribution Policy

The reports are confidential and proprietary. They are only distributed to members of the California Hospital Association. As a condition to receiving these reports members agree that they will not reproduce or copy any portion of these reports in any manner and will not distribute, provide, or publish in any manner these reports to any other person or entity without the express written permission of the association.

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